“She turned her can’ts into cans
and  her  dreams  into  plans.”
Jobi Yamada


  Meet Erica;

Foodie guru and the artist behind the canvas. A college graduate desperately enthused to break away from the ordinary and find the extraordinary, Erica decided to put her passions on paper (well, modern day paper). After suffering from what she calls “blog on the brain” for over two years, her thirst for writing and all things food & design was quenched when she created this blog space: Plate and Palette.

My Story

For four remarkable college years, I studied Business Marketing & Communications, learning the ins & outs of how to prepare myself for my first big girl job and surviving “the real world.” Well, kind of. I did land an incredible communications internship right out of college, where I currently work full-time as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator. So while I grasped entrepreneurial, business, and creative skills from my studies, my survival skills and personal passions are self-inhabited. Everything I know about cooking, baking, crafting, and design I discovered through my own appetite for creativity (and food). So what led me here? Simply my lust for something “more”; A desire to share my love for Eating & Drinking, Art & Design, and Decor & DIY with others.

The Flog life:
Starving for something “fresh”

“Bottomless Pit”; Noun; Definition: A voracious and insatiable person. Synonyms: Erica Goldstein. I owe my kitchen addiction to my inability to not be hungry at all times. That, and studying abroad. Europe opened my eyes to an entirely new variety of food and drink. I experienced everything from goulash in Prague to paella & tapas in Spain. And let me tell you… you have not had thin crust pizza until you’ve visited Italy. When in Rome, right?

Eating abroad inspired me to cook up any “fresh” and rare ingredients I could get my hands on. To put it lightly, I was hooked. Every spare moment I had, I jumped on Pinterest to find the latest and greatest recipes. I just had to try all of them (FYI – there are currently over 10,000 pins on my “Healthy Eats” board. Obsessed? Guilty as charged). I eventually broke away from ‘following the leader’ and began tweaking recipes to suit my personal taste buds. With too many concoctions and no where to store them, my solution was a Flog (i.e. Food blog).

Artistic License:
It’s all about the “drive”

I guess you can say that art is “my thing.” Growing up, I was never all that coordinated for sports, so I focused my efforts on sketching my favorite Nickelodeon characters on my drawing pad and taking art classes. Did I want to make it a career? Absolutely, but I didn’t think it was possible. So onto business school and “the real world” I went.

Flash back to almost one year ago. On any given day, my brain was consumed with all things art & design. I’d be working on a project for work, yet brainstorming about what kind of artistic creation I could get myself into that night. It was inspiring, but frankly disruptive (in the best possible way). It was then that I realized, “I can do this. In fact, I need to do this.” It was like one day I woke up and realized that painting mason jars while watching home decor marathons on HGTV just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

The outcome? In January 2014, after some solid encouragement from my #1 fans (friends and family) and a few inquiries for my artwork, I kicked my “drive” into full gear and turned my hobbies into a part-time gig. I founded the Blank Canvas Company, an outlet I use to create one-of-a-kind customizable designs and artwork. My work ranges from crafted canvases to painted beer bottles. I’ve completed over 15 orders, have a non-stop flow of requests, and hope to make it a design empire.

My Advice?

Don’t quit your day dream.


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